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Never had any prior intentions for doing this. Just chanced upon the blog website and thought that it would be fun to let pieces of my life enjoy some spotlight on cyberspace. My love for music, friends and any other stuff that inspires me are all painstakingly updated so please do drop by and feel free to leave me a note.

My Wishlist

Electrovoice 664, Powermac G5, a Taylor acoustic, Fender Twin amp, Vespa 150, Digital SLR, Protools Digi 002, white mini ipod, home studio beside the beach, a laugh a day, Totem speakers, visit Europe, smell a strawberry field, straighten my left arm, master Flash, form a dream band, hot threesome with hsu chi & angelina jolie, Paragon @ orchard, BMW Z3


Chapter 1: The Renaissance of Freedom In Thought

It has begun. The seeds have been sowed.

Uncles, aunties, brothers and sisters together in spirit. It was a long time since i felt i was part of something. A few years ago, i too was swarmed by sweaty people when i attended Coldplay and Travis's concert. I was there alone without any of my friends but i didn't feel alone because the music connected every single person in the crowd.

We were one. A hit on the snare, a flicker of the spotlight, a slap on the bass all aroused our sensations.

2 nights ago, I felt something familiar but yet new. Finally, someone spoke of a rthyme we can follow. Not some of us, but all of us. It was something for the hands and the feet, just like how Queen did it in "We are the champions". Its simple, its easy but yet beautiful.

Some of us can't hear it.

There is noise.

Noise is unspeakable. It is deprived of integrity and ethics. Yet, it is unavoidable but forgivable. Still, the noise cannot drown the music. We hear it because of the transistors and wires that connects us together. Pray hard that this machinery is stronger than steel because it will bring our children together and our children's children together. It has just set the wheels turning.

Bring it on baby. We cannot live in the fear of our own shadows. Let the renaissance begin.

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Friday, May 05, 2006  


My grandma was diagnosed to be a schizo a few weeks ago. She called me up to tell me to inform my sis to pass 10 bucks to this ah soh whom she says has a son that just died and needs help. Being the gracious and kind lady she is, i expected this to be her normal behaviour and i also assumed that my sis knows this ah soh she's talking about who lives in block 26 of "the 10th district" (translated from hokkien).

After i called up my sis, she told me that she knows of no ah soh who lives in block 26 and it must be another form of schizo behaviour from my grandma. Out of a sudden, i remembered this "ah soh" who used to work for my grandparents before they passed away. She called me up a few months before telling me she is rather lonely now and her eyes are failing her. I'm not sure why i had the hunch that these 2 incidents are related but i have to admit i was feeling "bandang" at that point of time. After i got that call from the ah soh a few months back, i actually soughted out her phone number from my aunt but my schedule didn't permit me to drop by for a visit. It kind of slipped my mind and i didn't call her up. So i hanged up the phone after talking to my sis and decide to call ah soh just to clear my doubts.

I thought ok...maybe...i'm just being paranoid. Nevertheless, i had to prepare myself before i called up ah soh. I went into the kitchen and made myself a nice meal made up of fish fillets and hotdogs just in case what i find out churns my stomache. After my satisfying dinner, i called up ah soh with the number i got from my aunt.

Ringing for quite a long time, a young lady picked up the phone.

It was a wrong number.

I called up my aunt again to check. It was indeed a wrong number. Finally, the phone rang to the right place. Once again, a young lady picked up the phone. It turned out to be ah soh's grand daughter. With my half pass ten hokkien, i managed to find out from ah soh that she's staying alone with her grand daughter and her eyes have recovered. Nevertheless, i braced myself the question of asking where she stays.

"I stay at block 62", ah soh said to me. 62, 26...shit ...kind of co-incidental, i told myself. God damn it, i just have that urge to find out more so i told ah soh i'll drop by some day. After recalling that my grandma was troubled by some spirits before she was diagnosed to be in poor mental health by the docs, i kind of feel creeped up. But my sis is right, i'd rather know she's troubled by spirits than to know she's going to be mentally unwell. Then again, it may just be real coincidence.

Let's hope for the best. So much shit has been happening to the people around me.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006  


Renaissance Once More?

My mind is brewing some thoughts again after i spent 2 months of my life wrapped up in corporate mummy tape. Now i really sense the kind of shit you can get into when a yellow line forms around you, marking the comfort zone of yet another souless venture on mundane mother earth. Like how puts it, mundane is something boring. It makes us afraid of our own shadow. We lose ourselves in trying to become something we are not, thinking that we ought to be special when all the fucking shit you get into starts covering you all up without you even knowing it. Yes..we are stuck in a layered cake somehow. Some of us may try (I'm still trying) to get away from the rat race.

Its thoughts like these that amalgamate into bigger issues such as the
social effects that we either fail to see or refuse to see. Depression, impatient drivers, nutties on the streets, the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer. Yes, more of us are beginning to think about such issues. I'm not getting these problems now. I just think of them happening to people around us. Its so rampant now i just can't look away as easy as i did. Relationships become thin, like the paper we sign on. People send emails instead of call you on the phone because they think you may sue them in court and they will need black and white. Work become inefficient, you become skeptical of people and they in turn feel the same about you.

Its sucks. But it seems like a real interesting reality TV show if you leave your physical self aside and enjoy the show from the sideline. However, mundane is boring. Who the hell watches the same fucking channel every single day out of 365 days?

Open source movement and social networking may become signs of another Renaissance. Consumerism may well be losing ground as a religion in time to come. These events put to light that people are searching for meaning in themselves and other people like you and I, rendering commercial interests secondary. With the internet, we express ourselves on a level never demonstrated before. Ironically, this Renaissance may well be supported by targeted advertising revenue but still, it gives everyone an equal chance of bringing something special to the mundane. Its death on the other hand may be brought about by the critical mass that will eventually make the special mundane once more. Still, the pursuit for meaning never ends. At times, I marvel at mother nature due to the fact that it is so strikingly similar to what we do in life. Everything is about balance. Only through balance will the Rebirth of Man be seen once more.

I'm trying to balance up things by learning some Feng Shui nowadays. I thought that i will never touch these sort of things but i've been shown some real good shit lately that actually made me become a superstitious slut. Thinking of Feng Shui, i feel proud to be a chinese. Never have i seen any other race which have come up with such comprehensive depth of knowledge in predicting practical living, wellness and fortune. Probably its because of work and business that made me so ban dang. Well, working full time (9 to 6 as a salary worker and then 8 to 11 as a self employed) has whole loads of pros and cons. Henry passed me a server worth 10 grands 4 years ago. It has 30 GB of Raid 5 diskspace and a backup power supply. More than good enough for my use. I've learnt shitloads of stuff from the engineers and sparked off so many ideas that i feel are fantastic to implement on our sites. On the other hand, i got to face my greatest fears, that is to become part of the Shenton Way commercial cult, throwing away most of my morals and ethics. I'm still trying to balance things up.

The internet is about building windows, not walls. I see my window now. Just that it has grills on it. Let me grab the chainsaw and we'll see what happens in a while. I'm hoping to see Renaissance once more.

FUCK those fucking bullcrap!!! I'm sick of being engaged in 6 degrees of sexual frustration.

I'm sorry, got to let off steam once in a while. Still trying to find balance. May the feng shui force be with me.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006  


Mango Sale - Apocalypse Now

Every year, there will be 2 or maybe 3 pilgrimages for women to Mango store for their fight against fashion prices. Yesterday, I was dragged along to the glorious battlefield to once again lay witness to the pendamonium and carnage.

"It is not a story about IS Vietnam". I had that ringing through my mind as I saw clothes spilling over my shoulders and all over the floor. War changes lives. I saw women turn into soldiers. It was brutal, real and raw. If the same spirit can be applied to protecting our country, we will wonder if we ever need men in the SAF.

Pitifully, i was made to forestall dinner to a later time and survive on bread ration to fight for 1 hour. I told myself that I had to see it to the end. It was not easy. We all have to survive. Still, survival is not enough. To win the war, I had to strengthen my resolve and god damn it...I did with all my heart. At times, I asked myself "Can we win the war another day?", but my Officer in Charge said "no". We have to be swift and decisive. If we are not not strong, the infidels may not give us another sale.

Yes, we finally did it hand in hand. From the entrance to the Valley of Death at #01-04 Raffles City to the Hill of Clothes, then to Dressing room #2 and then to Cashier Counter #3, we conquered the enemy.

Irony: Our spoils of the war consists of only 1...."ONE" blouse at 50% discount. Haiz....

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Thursday, December 15, 2005  


Luncheon Meat In A Tin Can: Our dream begins here...

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Thursday, November 24, 2005  


Our new scrabble set. It brings so much fun.  Posted by Picasa

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005  


I wonder how many different jobs I have tried taking over the past 3 years. Waitering, being a lab rat, data entry, teaching IT and even watching a toilet. Never have i envisioned myself selling my principles for brainwashing innocent minds. Yah...from that aspect, i think i have reached my limit in my quest to earn a living while keeping my entreprenuerial efforts afloat.

Once in a while, we will ponder upon the question "what if life can be simpler?". Usually, it happens during times of distress. I just happen to behave like this today. Maybe its the flu that got me over the weekend. Principles are not worth a lot of money from a practical point of view but is it practical for us to talk dollars and cents every single day? Do you live for the money or do you live to make money?

I relish the days whereby we were happy with a plastic ball and 5 other boys on a field so tiny you couldn't imagine it was possible playing football on. I got that same euphoria when i visited toys r us to buy ourselves a set of scrabble. Everything's so bloody cool. I'd probably work for a toy company in the future.

Thinking closer to the present, i'm just happy to engage myself in a game of scrabble with qing. In scrabble, words are just words. They only mean something more with the tiny numbers written at the corner that you do some math with when you calculate the scores. Simplicity scores 19 points in scrabble. The longest word in the dictionary might be "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious". I think it can't fit on the scrabble board. "Or perhaps smiles is the longest word — after all, there is a mile between the first letter and the last. "

I'll take the later longest word cos i think they are one of the most beautiful things on earth. Ain't that what we live for? There's so much to learn for such a simple word.

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Just when i thought that the internet was the only channel for freedom of speech, everything bit the dust. Bet everyone is frantically going through all their blogs to look for any sensitive stuff to delete away. Today i wore my fcuk shirt that reads "suck lick fcuck" to school. Initially, it felt like a silent protest everytime i wear it. Gradually, the effect wears off. Nowadays, its like...oh..i better watch my back. Suddenly, i have people reminding me of what i'm wearing.

Paranoia. Thats the word for this new century. Damn those bastards who made up this curse. Its not as though its an easy time to live in. We already have bird flus, SARS and all the other nonsense. It makes me feel sick pyschologically man. Don't you wish you were a baby again sometimes? You breathe freely, cry freely, shit freely and curse freely without anyone understanding what you are saying anyway. Who's born free? Everyone's born free "for a limited time only". Most of the time, the expiry date comes the minute you learn how to talk. If i ever have a kid (fingers crossed), the first word i'll teach him/her is "freedom". baby in KK suddenly shout "freedom" like Mel Gibson. How cool is that? Best thing is the next minute, people dressed in white walks into the ward and arrest the baby under ISA. problem solved.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005  
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